Noretron yhtiöt

About Noretron Group

Briefly about the company structure and our business concept

  • Noretron is a group of people with the average of 25 years of experience in Audio, Communication, AV and Component business.
  • The business is handled by 4 independent sales companies. The majority of the shares are owned by the key sales people in each company.
  • The name Noretron is the combining link between the sales companies and it is used in advertising, exhibitions etc.
  • All companies have high own capital, so that there is little need for outside financing.
  • By operating as several independent sales companies, with the key sales people of each company as major shareholders, increases the motivation and commitment towards the companies and their principals.
  • Net turnover of the Sales Companies is about 10 Million euros

Sales Companies in the Noretron Group

  • Noretron Components Ltd. (AV-components, blowers and fans, enclosure technology)
  • Noretron Communication Ltd. (Fixed audio installations, lighting equipment)
  • Noretron Broadcast Ltd. (Professional broadcasting equipment)
  • Noretron Presentation Systems Ltd. (Video projectors)

Noretron Services Ltd.

  • Noretron Services Ltd. is the administrative company offering the sales companies premises, book-keeping, offices, warehouse and financial services
  • The office is located about 15 minutes from the centre of Helsinki
  • Office space 760 m2
  • Warehouse 820 m2
  • Demo rooms 100 m2
  • Service department 90 m2
  • Own capital of Noretron Group is about 2 Million euros