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TuotteetEsitystekniikan valolaitteetLED-pesurit / flooditDTS X BRICK


X BRICK is the self-contained, IP65 LED Wash light that combines light power, dynamic sectors and sturdiness (IK09) to fit every application needs. X BRICK features a built-in PSU, a range of holographic filters easy interchangeables and IP65 connections. Furthermore two ergonomic handles and a smart swiveling bracket garantee right support on a variety of surfaces, rigging and easy installation

  • 32 Osram Ostar stage N RGBW LEDs
  • independent 4 sectors control
  • high-quality color mixing
  • quickly interchangeable beam angles
  • IP65 rated
  • sturdy: designed for very demanding applications
  • built-in full-range PSU


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